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Starship Troopers traitor Of Mars Review

Starship Troopers The Traitor Of Mars is the 5th  and at present final instalment in the Starship Troopers franchise, release in 2017 we see the return of Casper Van Dien as Johnny Rico as well as Dina Mayer reprising her role as Private Dizzy Flores even though she was previously killed at Whiskey Outpost in the original movie! Is this Starship Troopers as we’ve never seen it before and back to its best? Stick Around to find out!


Starship Troopers The Traitor Of Mars is the 5th instalment in the Starship Troopers Franchise, released in 2017 it is the second Digitally Animated sequel, the first Being Starship Troopers Invasion released in 2012 which I previously reviewed, don’t forget to check the Card after this review if you’ve not already seen that one!

Not only do we see the return of recently Deported to Colonel Johnny Rico, who is once again portrayed by Casper Van Dien, who was last seen in Starship troopers 3 Marauder, we see a surprise return of Dina Mayer (Music), returning to the role of the previously deceased Dizzy Flores!

After the events of Invasion, Johnny Rico has been demoted to the rank of colonel and relocated to a Martian space station to train a new batch of troopers. Unfortunately, his squad is young, stupid and incompetent. Due to ongoing pressures Mars— overall has low support for the Arachnid war, seeing their planet unaffected by the bug conflict and even suggesting pulling out from the war. Because of their laid-back attitude, the denizens of Mars weren’t ready when the bugs attacked. Unknown to everyone,  New Sky Marshal Amy Snapp portrayed by Emily Neves executes her plans for power and overall control.

From this Snapp hatched her own plans to destroy Mars while looking to gain popular support for doing so. It appears She was well aware of the bug nest growing under Mars for some time but decided to take advantage of the bug attack to gain both social and political support to scuttle the whole planet. From here She staged a fleet attack run on the Arachnid Quarantine Zone (AQZ) as a massive distraction. While no one notices, she plans to capture General Carl Jenkins with Justin Doran reprising the role after his strong performance in Invasion, then fabricate a story in which the Federation was too distracted in the AQZ to save Mars and had to detonate a Q-Bomb (a planet destroyer whose power was demonstrated in the third movie MARAUDER) to cleanse the bug threat, thus blaming Jenkins for the loss of Mars. Unfortunately for her, nothing went according to plan.

During the bug attack, Rico and his team survived the initial assault and managed to land on Mars surface. While the bulk of the Federation started their attack run on the AQZ, Snapp captured Jenkins and disrupted all communications between Earth and Mars. However, before he was captured, Jenkins telepathically reached out to Carmen Ibanez to come back to Mars. Because Ibanez and Jenkins are trusted friends even if there has been built up tension between the characters, shown prominently in Invasion, Carmen redirected her ship back to Mars after escaping the blockade on her ship at AQZ. Meanwhile, during a bug attack, Rico’s troopers were found by a rescue drop ship and everyone made it on board except for Rico, whom the team presumes dead. When regaining consciousness, Rico sees his former dead love, Dizzy Flores portrayed once again by Dina Meyer, who was killed in the first movie at Whiskey Outpost as Carmen looks on, who asked him to help stop the Q-Bomb. Unknown to Rico, Dizzy is a telepathic projection from Jenkins, who during this time shows how he still cares for Rico and wishes to reprise their long standing friendship. While being beaten and drugged by Snapp, Jenkins managed to telepathically motivate Rico to help stop the Q-Bomb. All was unravelled when Snapp publicly announced the fall of Mars.

Rico’s surviving troopers realize he is alive and return to save him. Upon reuniting, the team heads towards the weather control tower to disarm the Q-Bomb. Subsequently, Rico’s troopers overload the tower’s systems to improvise a massive explosive device to severely thin out the enemy forces. With the FedNet back online, public reception of Snapp turns negative. Carmen arrives with a drop ship and rescues Rico’s surviving team. With the team evacuated, the tower’s destruction destroys the bugs within its blast radius.

In the aftermath, Jenkins breaks free from his captors and later returns to power. Rico is promoted back to the rank of general and leads the operation to reclaim Mars, while Snapp’s treachery is revealed to the public.

Who was your favourite character out of the Starship Troopers Franchise? For me there is so many AMAZING characters, but though Casper Van Dien isn’t renowned for his amazing acting ability, there is no one better to play Johnny Rico and that’s why he’s my choice, but who’s your? Why don’t you head to the comments below and let me know!

Traitor Of Mars, is visually stunning, it takes what they achieved digitally in the last sequel and built upon it to great effect. The characters look stunning, especially when the camera comes in for a close up, though I must admit when they camera pans away some movement might not seem fluent. The Arachnid have taken a greater step forward as well, they look more and more like the Bugs from the first movie, especially in their movement. The blood and gore is used effectively, showing the gruesomeness of the War but not over saturating for a younger audience to be able to enjoy.

Though there is one seen in which Rico is running from a Bug Swarm and he’s hit by a Plasma Bug, it seemed more like a cartoon and not to the same standards as rest of the movie, this aside though the visuals are top notch! And like I said in my previous review remind me heavily of the Spirits Within, the animated Final Fantasy Movie from the early 2000’s.

Though Dizzy was only a hallucination, well a projection… and though it was obvious when she appeared it was Carl Manifesting himself as Dizzy, it felt great to see Dina Meyer reprise her role even if only for a short time. Her character really does throw you back to 1997 and the original Starship Troopers movie, ahh Nostalgic bliss!

Captain Carmen Ibanez who was once again portrayed by Luci Christian, looked amazing! In Invasion the character looked more like a cartoon, but here her character has visually evolved and so much for the better and as always Carmen is feisty and a great character!

We even see the return of Leraldo Anzaldua as Ratzass, now Rico’s right-hand man after the events of Invasion. His rowdiness has settled down as his reputation grows throughout the Federation. He’s the first recurring character in the Starship Troopers series aside from Rico, Jenkins and Ibanez, he is unfortunately killed when jumping from a gunship, as his helmet air seal fails, freezing his body in freefall, such a shame as his character has so much potential and even though he wasn’t in this Movie for long you still felt the impact of his death.

We also see a number of additional new characters in Camacho, 101, Geo, Dutch (he was right he always gets bitten in half) and Lieutenant Baba a wet behind the ear Martian with no experience of command and has got to his position through being bookish, but you see him grow throughout and become a true leader of his men by the end.

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Starship Troopers Traitor of Mars, is visually amazing, a step up from the last Movie Invasion, the Characters have been developed more and the storyline is stronger than the last 3 Movies, which can only be a strong step in the right direction. Yes it has its flaws of course, some actions don’t make sense, the odd visual effect doesn’t match the rest of the movie, but overall the Starship Troopers Traitor Of Mars is bringing Starship Troopers back to its best and because of that I can’t rate Starship Troopers The Traitor Of Mars anything less than 8 out of 10!

Next up in the series I’ll be reviewing Roughnecks! The 1999 Animated TV Show of Starship Troopers and I’ll tell you now it’s one hell of a show!

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