Starship Troopers Invasion 2012 – Starship Troopers Back To Its Best Or Another Failure?


Starship Troopers Invasion Review- Starship Troopers Back To Its Best?

Starship Troopers Invasion is the 4th instalment in the beloved Starship Troopers Franchise and their first Digitally animated Movie, is this Starship Troopers back to its best? Watch the REVIEW to find out!


Starship Troopers 4, INVASION is the 4th instalment in the series, released in 2012 we see the return of General Johnny Rico, this time portrayed by voice actor David Matranga, Captain Carmen Ibanez portrayed by Luci Christian and Minister of Paranormal Warfare, Carl Jenkins voiced by Justin Doran.

Much has changed since the last time we saw these three main characters from the original Starship Troopers Movie in 1997, and it shows in how the characters are portrayed and visually represented.

Invasion Is the first digitally Animated sequel, with the second being traitor of Mars released in 2017.

The Movie starts On an asteroid, the Terran Federation‘s Fort Casey is now crawling with bugs. As The Starship Alesia begins to deploy its Mobile Infantry troopers, by dropship, to seize and control the hangar and rescue any survivors. Lieutenant Daugherty’s Alpha Team lands and immediately engages the arachnid, fighting hard to rendezvous with the surviving Fort Casey troopers. After setting explosives charges, the troopers head to the Starship John A. Warden for evacuation, only to see it leave dock without them—which now Minister Carl Jenkins has commandeered from Captain Carmen Ibanez, in which he sent her to Alesia. Before leaving, Jenkins orders that Major Henry “Hero” Varro, the commander of Fort Casey’s Elite K-12 troopers, be escorted to Alesia as a prisoner. From here Alesia docks with Fort Casey for emergency evacuation of the surviving troopers, before the k12 team destroy the Fort Casey asteroid after the evacuation has been completed.

It’s at this point we make contact with General Johnny Rico, who is in charge of high Commands L-6 Base.

While back en route to Earth, The Alesia is contacted by General Johnny Rico, in which he orders Alesia to search for the now missing Warden, which for some unknown reason has broken all contact. The Fort Casey troopers agree to assist in the search on one condition and that, Is that the ‘Hero’ Varro is able to lead them during the mission. When they eventually find the Warden, Daugherty’s team escorts Ibanez to the bridge while Varro’s team secures the engine room, both teams finding nothing but dead crewmen and a small number of dead bugs. It’s from here Varro finds a deranged Jenkins who warns him—too late—not to power up the Warden because “she” has hacked all the systems. As the engines recharge the Warden, an Arachnid queen inside takes control of all systems and opens bulkhead doors to release her children, a MASSIVE SMARM of bugs. As Ibanez and the troopers attempt to return to Alesia, the queen uses the Warden‘s main weapons to destroy the other ship, then flies the Warden into a wormhole whose outlet is in Earth space. The troopers return to the Warden‘s bridge, where Varro reveals he was arrested when Jenkins had ordered his unit to capture the queen alive on Fort Casey, but Varro had refused to sacrifice his squad, a true Hero putting his men first before his own life.


As the WARDEN is heading towards L-6 Base, General Rico deploys three starships to intercept, but the queen once again hijacks the Warden’s weaponry and destroys them with ease due to the firepower capability of the WARDEN. The queen sets the bug-infested Warden on a trajectory to crash land in Paris a central location for the Arachnid to spread form, but Alpha Team sniper Trig manages to shoot out the wires linking the queen to the ship, allowing Ibanez to re-direct the Warden to crash land in the Alps. Meanwhile, General Rico leads a squad of troopers in Marauder suits, his elite team from the third movie to stop the bugs from escaping the crash site, while high command gives the team only 30 minutes before they will drop nukes from the L-6 Station to sanitize the site, as they bugs cannot be allowed to escape!

Back on the Warden, the five surviving troopers make their way toward the queen. Ice Blonde protects Ibanez at a nearby airlock while Mech and Ratzass go to the engine room to blow it up. When Varro and Bugspray find Trig’s corpse, Bugspray uses Trig’s family-made sniper rifle to buy Varro some time to reach the queen. Jenkins, now having recovered from his mental breakdown, provides Varro backup with bugs under his mind control—revealing an important Terran breakthrough in the war and the original reason for attempting to capture the Queen alive!

Due to the Queen having control of the Warden, Rico is the only one from his squad to reach the dropzone. As Jenkins leads the team to his shuttle from Fort Casey, Rico rushes to distract the queen and rescue Varro. Varro, critically injured, decides to die a as a hero and blows himself up with a grenade when surrounded by bugs given Rico the distraction that’s needed for him to make an attack on the Queen!

 Rico abandons his now broken Marauder suit and uses a combat knife on one of the queen’s eyes, buying Ibanez time to make takeoff preparations. Rico sprints back into the dropship as it barely escapes the Warden before the explosives detonate and destroy the Warden, taking the Queen and expected all the arachnid who were trying to escape with it.

Mech, Ice, and Ratzass pay their respect to their fallen comrades while Ibanez confronts Jenkins over the recent crises. Jenkins sidesteps the issue as he always does, telling Rico and Ibanez that his research will someday save the entire galaxy. In the aftermath, one warrior bug is seen navigating a sewer system, having inexplicably survived the Warden‘s destruction.

Because the movie is digitally animated, it allows the Movie to show some fantastic action scenes, with deaths and mutilations galore.

Visually it reminds me heavily of Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, but with more action and bloodshed.

This was a step in the right direction for the starship Troopers franchise, firstly we saw the return of Major Characters that we have a connection with, this means from the start it matters when they are in Danger, it resonates with us and gives us a reason to care about what is happening on screen, not only this but they actually made us care about the new characters that they introduced and made us care when they was killed. Second the storyline is far stronger than the 2nd and third movie, which on such small budgets had been disasters in comparison to the Original movie released in 1997, visually they just wasn’t able to live up to their predecessor, but by going the animated route, though it felt as though there was room for improvement, the animations were good and with a bit of tweaking could be close to perfect, like in Traitor of Mars.

The Movie isn’t perfect, certain aspects have been rushed, I wish Johnny Rico had played a more central role, Carls character has evolved, but not for the better of his character, especially as he was portrayed in a fantastic way by Neil Patrick Harris.

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So Starship Troopers Invasion, it’s the first Animated Sequel, it has a strong storyline, it has returning characters we can connect with and new characters who make an impact on you, it’s visually very good and it’s great to be able to see more action and the characters visualised much more like The Troopers from the Book, in how Rebert A Heinlein has visualised them to look, because of all of this I would Rate Starship Troopers Invasion a Solid 8/10, room for improvement for sure, but a Much better sequel than Starship Troopers 2 Hero of The Federation and Starship Troopers 3 Marauder. Next up in the series I’ll be reviewing is the 5th and final Movie instalment, Starship Troopers The Traitor Of Mars, and I’ve a Special review afterwards which will be the Animated TV Show The Roughnecks!


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