Spider-Man PS4 Sells 13.2 Million Units Worldwide

The open-world title has notched up amazing sales as of July 28th, 2019.

Spider-Man PS4 Sales
Spider-Man PS4 Sales

Spider-Man PS4 Sells 13.2 Million units worldwide!

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man has been a huge success for Sony and the PS4 since releasing in September 2018.

However, with Sony acquiring Insomniac Games in a shocking announcement, just how successful has the open-world title been? According to a recent press release from the publisher, Spider-Man has sold 13.2 million copies as of July 28th, 2019.

Keep in mind that this number is likely higher since we’re nearing August end. The NPD Group already revealed in July that Spider-Man had surpassed Batman: Arkham City as the highest-selling superhero game in the United States.

It’s been so successful that publishers like Square Enix are hoping to replicate that success with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

Check out our review for Spider-Man here. A sequel seems almost a given at this point but perhaps Sony has additional plans for Insomniac.

We’ll have to wait and see in the coming months, especially with the PlayStation 5 still to be revealed.

So what do think about Spider-Man PS4 sells 13.2 Million copies? Is this an impressive achievement you can get behind? I know us here at Gaming On The Go is impressed!

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